Guy Greco - Guitar For Hire
 EXIT 19
    A staple of dance music in the Hudson Valley for over 15 years EXIT 19 is an old school funk band playing an infectious blend of soulful, funky dance music with an unrelenting drive that has been packing dance floors for over a decade and a half.
   World-class musicianship and thick intricate harmony has been the hallmark of EXIT 19 throughout its reign as the Hudson Valley's premier dance band.
   The band includes musicians who have played and who are currently playing all over the world, but choose EXIT 19 as their favorite for the unmistakable chemistry displayed each and every time they play.
EXIT 19 Consists of:
Guy Greco - Guitar/Vocals
Steve Riddick - Lead Vocals
Rich Sullivan - Keyboards/Vocals
Bill Dotts - Bass
Tony Parker - Drums
Derick James - Sax and Flute
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